About me!

I'm a mom, and so much more...

Hi I am Megan, I am a stay at home mom of two beautiful girls, struggling artist and writer, chef of food made with love, entrepreneur and so much more. I’m just trying to help make ends meet and learn new things along the way, which is why I chose the particular name for my website. I decided to start this website to feel more productive, offer products and advice that I use myself in everyday life, and get that much closer to manifesting my dreams into reality.  Being able to work from home and provide an awesome life to my girls, while also, helping others to look and feel absolutely fabulous on a budget. 

I have a passion for natural health and beauty, which is the main focus of this website.  I love making and experimenting with new recipes for delicious, healthy and budget friendly family menus and meals, as well as, natural beauty and hair recipes. I love working with my hands and nature and creating something new. (I even worked as a carpenter apprentice for a year and half, which was a lot of fun!) 

 I really, and I mean really, love natural beauty. Some would say I have an obsession, and perhaps I do obsess over my hair, I mean I have been working on growing it out for the last 7 years. But, is it really an obsession if I just want healthy, full, and silky long hair? (maybe…maybe) It wouldn’t matter if it is because, I just really enjoy working with products that feel like you are putting goodness on you and in you.  Even better if it is products I stock in my kitchen cupboard normally. I do love smelling like a fresh baked snickerdoodle cookie, not gonna lie. 

Plus, there is something truly magical to me about using fresh and powdered herbs to make a healing skin mask or hair mask or delicious dinner for my family.  I mean you get to smell everything, feel it with your own hands, put it all together and mix it up with all that love, and you get the pride of having made something healthy and nourishing to your body and soul. I feel like its therapeutic, and holistic, and good for the environment, and easy on the check book. win-win-win.

So I hope that you enjoy your visit here and feel free to ask any questions. I will do my best to answer them in a timely fashion,but most of all, please kick your feet up and make yourself at home! 

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