Beauty basics for busy mamas

Beauty basics for busy mamas.

Ahh motherhood, nothing is more precious or fulfilling… and nothing strips and spots your skin faster. Motherhood giving you that living dead girl look since the dawn of civilization. Those precious little bundles of joy that need 24/7 365 attendance certainly keep us on our toes. ALL. THE. TIME. Like seriously… Can I just get a Caffeine I.V?

Beauty Basics for busy mamas, because let’s face it, we don’t have our own personal MUA to give us that I slept all night look.

We all know this feeling. Adequate sleep is another major player in having healthy skin.

Hello there you beautiful, sleep deprived and over-caffeinated wonder woman, here are some beauty basics for you.

Wanna know a secret?

I have the DL on some beauty basics for busy mamas. Well stop on in and enjoy yourself because I am about to teach you how to beautify your mama routine.  Maybe you’d like to put some razzle back in your dazzle, or find that perfect mix of fresh-faced youth and sultry vixen, (aka a full night’s undisturbed rest) Or maybe you just want to appear wide-eyed innocent with a full pout and nice coif? If you are like moi,  you would simply like to look human again?

I  do like to follow the three A’s myself you know: alive, awake, and almost ready lol. Ahem anyhooo. On to the show, so get ready to empty out that diaper bag and throw out that mascara from three years ago, I have the 411 on some basic beauty tips for all you busy mamas, ones that will help to put some pep in your step and make you appear fully caffeinated and ready for a day of toddler hunger games.

I can’t stress this enough ladies, but beauty comes from within, literally not just figuratively. It all starts with the building blocks we give our cells to work with. We can take whatever crappy genetics our parents gave us, and with the right tools give them a fighting chance to shatter that glass ceiling and shine bright like a diamond. On to the show for beauty basics for busy mamas.

A healthy diet plays one of the most important roles in beauty. it aids the building blocks of our cells and helps them to produce healthy duplicates. Make sure to eat the rainbow, and get two healthy servings of fruits and veggies daily. Your body rebuilds itself constantly and it will use the food you consume to rebuild with. If you want to look like a million bucks skip the dollar menu (I’m guilty of this one) and eat healthily. Your skin and body will thank you for it. Trust me.

Tip no. 1 Make sure you are eating the proper nutrition for your body and getting adequate hydration from pure healthy water.

A proper diet and lifestyle will take you so much farther than any amount of high priced foundation or fancy beauty balm for eye bags ever will. IT will also help you to keep your beauty basic for those busy mama days. Eating the correct ratio of fats, protein, carbs will help to boost your bodies own collagen-producing abilities. For example, I started to notice a visible improvement in my skin tone and texture when I started to live healthily and eat the proper foods for my body.

As short-lived as that is when I get around to dieting it is still a noticeable change. I can also attest that an improper diet and shitty lifestyle will wreak havoc on more than just appearances. Every time I binge on salt and sugar, not only does it show up on my face, hello crypt keeper,  it shows in my hair or new hair fall,  my ever-expanding waistline, and noticeably slower mental aptitude. So proper nutrition and hydration is the foundation for stellar skin.

HIIT and strength training with weights, will not make you look like she hulk, it will help you flush toxins and get a healthy glow.

Tip no. 2. Sweat, sweat baby.

Honestly, It is not easy for me to keep to a healthy lifestyle. But it is easy to follow these beauty basics for busy mamas. One of my main issues is that I’m lazy first off, and I have developed a huge sweet tooth after having three kids. So, I am totally aware of this and I am actively working on correcting it.   In light of that, I do manage to workout frequently throughout the week which is awesome for my health overall.  Also, I cook healthy homemade meals, take vitamins and even went out and got a good water purifier so I am not pickling myself from drinking the tap water here where I live.

All good things for my body; but, I still turn right around and negate all that with what I shove in my face when I am hungry or bored. Which, cough cough, I make excuses for because, well it’s Oreos and I’m still nursing.

Excuse, excuse right? Trust me, I know it is not good for my body or mind. I am still trying to work off last weekends sugar binge. Not to mention the spots that are debuting on my face… whether from my 9 months post-pregnancy hormones or high intake sugar levels I can’t really say yet. Either way, I’m not digging it. Making sure to have a couple of vigorous workouts throughout the week will not only help with flushing your skin and giving you that healthy glow but most importantly it will help with your overall health, physical, mental and emotional.

Mud masks, dry brushing, using a special exfoliation cloth and chemical peels all help to resurface your skin. Giving you fresh, soft and a youthful appearance, helping to reduce and minimize fine lines, wrinkles and blotchy skin.

Tip no. 3 Exfoliate, rinse and repeat.

Exfoliation is a key to healthy and glowing skin and keeping to that beauty basics for busy mamas motto. Not only does properly exfoliating help to remove dead and dull skin, but it also helps to flood the skin surface with fresh oxygenated blood, which helps to turn on the collagen-producing cells which help to combat and slow down the visible signs of aging.

my favorite process of exfoliation is using either my baiden mitten or one from my Korean Italy towel set. Other mits are traditionally called Hammam in Turkey and are used in the bathhouses, the same with the Korean Italy Towels, they are used in the Korean bath spas. I have had my Baiden mitten for over five years, I know I should replace my mits as I have had them for so long,  but they still work great. Cleaning is pretty simple, I clean mine regularly by throwing them in the washer and then the dryer, I have done this for years without any issues.

Another form of exfoliation I am wanting to try is MicroNeedling with a derma roller. There have been a ton of positive reviews from people that dermaroll, it adds another level of deep exfoliation and really helps to boost collagen production. Plus it makes the skin primed and ready for any serums, ampoules or elixirs you plan to use after.

It rubs the lotion on it’s skin!

Tip no. 4 Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize.

Honey you need to keep that skin soft and supple somehow. Moisturization is a key factor to getting that coveted “hey everybody look at me, I don’t have any kids, wrinkles or mental issues yet plus I had a full night of sleep look”. If you look in my kitchen cabinets you can clearly see that I am a big fan of using oils, some are for cooking… the rest I tell my husband are for cooking…cooking the fine lines and wrinkles off my face!

The oils I tend to use are Olive oil, Coconut Oil, Avacado Oil, Castor Oil, Sweet almond, grape seed, jojoba, argan oil etc. you get the Idea. I prefer high-quality cooking oils as they are just all around better in my opinion. They are so very versatile. Once you’re done with slathering that sesame oil on your under eyes, you can turn right around and cook up some tasty stir fry for dinner. Anything that saves time and money and is healthy is a win in my book.


Tip no. 5 KISS

Keep it simple sexy, the defining term her is beauty basics mama. I have had the best results with a minimum effort routine. Wash, scrub, tone, rub the lotion on the skin and don’t use the hose again MUAHAHAHAH… (cue creepy silence of the lambs Anthony Hopkins  a good Chianti and fava beans scene) ahem anyhoo. I use a homemade mask once or twice a week. Well right now due to fighting off hyperpigmentation from pregnancy I use one for skin lightening daily. Other than that once or twice a week is plenty.  I have noticed huge benefits by keeping my routine to something more simple, than say, the Korean ten step program.

Really with my mornings and days the way they are, simple is really the way I like to go. Especially since for me to do those kinds of programs properly requires me to divulge to much time to skin care, which takes away from my ability to either sleep in or read more of my WOT series books. (Not gonna happen when I am knee deep in the daes dae’mar of aes sedai and asha man drama.)

and Finally

Don’t know bout you, but, I LOVE ME!

Tip no. 6 Love your self relentlessly

Last but most certainly not least, Love yourself! Whether you have the starting signs of crows feet, blemishes, and bumps, or wrinkles as deep as the grand canyon. Love yourself feverishly, deeply and truly. There is only one you and whether you want to look at yourself like an endangered species or a limited edition collector’s item, there is and will only ever be one you. So love that fact, and love your curves, dips dimples and pimples. Love and cherish the time you get with your babies and hobbies, the breath you get to take every moment and the sunrises and sunsets you’re lucky enough to see daily

. Life is a journey, live it your way, love it your way.

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Rock the Boat, baby!

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    1. I have some longer and more in-depth beauty posts in the works! I have been having technical difficulties and having been having to work around that. But stay tuned for the new ones ive got in the works!

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