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Hello and Welcome!

Hello and Welcome to my site!

May you find everything you need for health and natural beauty and more.

Hi, I am Megan, I am a stay at home mom of two beautiful girls. I created this site so I can be home with them and make a little side cash.

I have been a natural beauty nut for a long while.  I constantly henna my hair. Can be found slathering homemade concoctions of herbs and powders on my face (with great results!).I love the ease and simplicity of herbal beauty. I was a nail tech for several years and after researching more into it fell out of favor with it.

After seeing how much nasty stuff goes into the store-bought products, I decided there had to be a better way, a healthier way, and a cheaper way.My personal beliefs play a large role here as well.  I believe that intent and love have a big role to play in how our body absorbs and responds to the ingredients we not only ingest but also apply topically. 

With that in mind, I hand select and thoroughly research the items in my store, I want to ensure quality and potency. The recipes on here I have tried on myself with great results. I started this website to help bring quality content and products to people looking for alternatives to the over saturated beauty market.

I feel the beauty industry tends to promote junk that is full of chemicals and false promises, that cost way too much and deliver way too little. 

Everything I am going to post on this site I will have tested myself and thoroughly researched before offering it to you, the viewer. I believe it should be that way, I don’t believe in selling crap or supporting it.

So welcome,  come on in and enjoy yourself!

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About Author

Once upon a time a fair and fit mama and wife, who loved to be an illustrator and writer, decided one cold day in mid-January of 2019, to make a blog/store and change her life for the better. In this fairytale land, the beautiful mama would write and share about her very most favorite things. Important things, like what the best natural beauty products are and how being a  fitness junkie makes life more energetic and fun.  She would also share her ideas on food, art projects, parenting and life in general. She would share her love of all things DIY because lets face it, pinterest was her drug of choice, and she was an avid DIYer. She also loved to cook and also always dreamed of becoming a tiny dancer. But her ancient enemy of no rhythm or timing often made that dream a nightmare, for her and others who may have been unfortunate enough to watch...So she decided to stick to the things she was good at... Like talking to herself on a blog, and spending hours each day picking out what she would like to offer the lovely maidens, who visited her kingdom, to buy, and stalking the Pinterest boards for great ideas. She would dedicate much time from her long days to sharing with her kingdom, and all of its visitors,  all of the sage wisdom that a 30 something twice married, mother of three would know. And so this fair and noble creature created Apple Pie in the Sky first because Apple Pie in the was already taken and secondly because she really really really like pies. So welcome to my magical kingdom, where hopefully you will find most everything you need, and if you don't there is always, and most importantly where you can relax and get away from the reality of reality for a bit.

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