Hello and Welcome!

Hello and Welcome to my site!

May you find everything you need for health and natural beauty and more.

Hi, I am Megan, I am a stay at home mom of two beautiful girls. I created this site so I can be home with them and make a little side cash.

I have been a natural beauty nut for a long while.  I constantly henna my hair. Can be found slathering homemade concoctions of herbs and powders on my face (with great results!).I love the ease and simplicity of herbal beauty. I was a nail tech for several years and after researching more into it fell out of favor with it.

After seeing how much nasty stuff goes into the store-bought products, I decided there had to be a better way, a healthier way, and a cheaper way.My personal beliefs play a large role here as well.  I believe that intent and love have a big role to play in how our body absorbs and responds to the ingredients we not only ingest but also apply topically. 

With that in mind, I hand select and thoroughly research the items in my store, I want to ensure quality and potency. The recipes on here I have tried on myself with great results. I started this website to help bring quality content and products to people looking for alternatives to the over saturated beauty market.

I feel the beauty industry tends to promote junk that is full of chemicals and false promises, that cost way too much and deliver way too little. 

Everything I am going to post on this site I will have tested myself and thoroughly researched before offering it to you, the viewer. I believe it should be that way, I don’t believe in selling crap or supporting it.

So welcome,  come on in and enjoy yourself!

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