It’s all about Attitude

A good life, we all want one.

But some of us are far from it at this moment. And that is ok. Maybe we have made some poor choices or maybe we have had some bad things happen to us that are keeping us from a good life. Regardless of our current situation or circumstances, I believe a good life is possible for all of us. And I know that it starts with attitude. In fact, it’s all about attitude, starting with how we perceive the world and those around us to how we view ourselves.

In fact, how we view ourselves is pretty integral.

We won’t achieve much if we don’t believe we deserve or can have it. Our self worth will determine our future and affect our attitude. Today, I am going to talk about how attitude has affected my life and then I am going to share a few of my favorite talks that have helped me to change my attitude for the better.

Grumpy cat-titude

You know the one, the eternal pessimistic nihilist who can never see the sunshine even on a cloudless warm and perfect day. The same person who always likes to complain, or will find something to complain about or make something to complain about. Then there is the nagging billy that one constant never pleased critic, who despite your best efforts will always find something that could have been done better, and by better I mean their way. Then we have the Whinny Winnie, that perpetual whiny grown adult child, the one who believes the world is out to get them and that life is unfair and nothing is ever their fault. Heaven forbid if you give them your attention, they love it and crave it, and they will take up your energy and leave you feeling depleted.

Now we can all be one of those people at certain times in our life, bad things happen and we can get stuck in an emotional rut. The difference lies in getting ourselves out of that rut and moving past it. I understand that there are things that happen that make moving forward nearly impossible. However, we always have the power to change our circumstances because we can control our reactions and attitudes towards life and the events that surround us.

90% of our life experience is based on our reactions and attitudes.

If you have a positive attitude and are enthusiastic then your reactions will reflect that, people will respond to you accordingly and your life will flow much more easily. I can attest that on the days I have a positive attitude my days are amazing, and on days where my attitude is crappy my days follow suit. I know it is difficult to maintain a positive attitude when it seems like life is throwing lemons at you, but if you change your perspective and attitude you’ll be able to take those little sour lemons and make some really nice lemonade.

Now my life lately has been bumpy, which is an understatement, I was doing really really good for a while. I truly thought that things were finally starting to change. Then life threw me some lemons, while i was juggling knives on a hill, and then it seems like things just started sliding downhill. Our finances got low, our vehicles are falling apart, and my marriage is feeling as smooth 40 grit sandpaper. My intimate relationship seems as stable as the weather here in South Dakota lately. That is to say, like a moody menopausal woman who needs a big dose of estorvan. I need a good dose of R.E.S.P.E.C.T, to say the least.

Without further ado, here is one of my favorite speakers, Mr. Earl Nightingale. Truly an inspirational man. His talks on attitude have been very helpful, especially as of late. Life has definitely been giving me the opportunity to make a large-scale lemonade business. So take a min and enjoy this advice.

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