Making the dough

The need to plan ahead…

Frustrated and tired, Jane ponders the consequences of being hasty and realizing too late the need to plan ahead.

If only I had realized the need to plan ahead…

The need to plan ahead, and the major role even a simple plan plays in developing a successful website.

Baby, it’s cold outside, snowing and beautiful. As I write this, I am sitting at my desk working on my dreams and watching the snow swirl around before it hits the ground. Being a stay at home mom, my dream is to have the ability to work from home doing something I love and being able to be here for my children. So far I am on the right path.  Starting my own website and blog is the first step. And web designers and builders have definitely gained my respect recently.  Who knew how much actually went into building a website, I sure as heck didn’t. Until I decided to do one myself. Even when using WordPress, plugins and drag and drop tools, it is still a lot of hard work.

To top it off, I figured this would be a quick process, a couple of days max…  Three weeks later and I have had to revamp my timeframe goal. Which is slightly embarrassing. I never realized just how far out of touch with technology  I am nowadays. I really do not like admitting that. I have always considered myself somewhat of a tech nerd. Now after being a mom for the last 10 years  I see how far out of the technology loop I have come. Truly hurts the little nerd pride I have left.

The Lesson…

But, it is only a learning curve. A lesson I intend to master. Once I get this beast of a site up, I intend to take classes on coding and web design. I don’t intend to let this little beginner mistake keep me from making something great. Especially when it is truly fun and rewarding, albeit confusing at times. A really good thing I have an awesome server and host with great customer support.

Also, I would like to add that it is a really fulfilling learning experience. I would certainly do it again and again. Only next time I would do it smarter, plan better, and be prepared for there to be setbacks.  Having all my other ducks in a row, taxes, licensing, distributors is certainly a plus. However, not starting with a set plan or goal has been a definite drawback. And I could have saved myself a lot of time and headaches had I thought of them first.

The takeaway…

So, if you dear reader, are also wanting to build your own website, I would highly suggest making a step by step plan first. Setting defined and clear goals, drawing out a blueprint for your website, and giving yourself time to have setbacks and learning curves. Because, if you are anything like me, even the simplicity and ease of WP drag and drop builders can seem like advanced coding that will leave you often times more confused than before.

For building and planning your website I am including a link to one of my favorite design sites. . The link for the specific page is highlighted in the last paragraph.

Stay tuned for my walk through’s on building a website as I fumble my way to success,

Until next time, Ciao and Kanpai!

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  1. I read tһis post completely regаrding the comparison of latest
    and precеding technologies, it’s гemarkable article.

    1. Much appreciation for the comment. It is amazing what just a little bit of planning and research can do for a project.

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