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Creating the life you want with Positive affirmations

So I have been watching my positivity videos for a few weeks now, and I am happy to say that I have continued to notice great changes in my life. In fact, I have even added in Positive Affirmations to help things progress even faster. Now, these changes are not so much with everything going on in it just yet. Rather they are the feelings, and reactions I am seeing the difference in. So today I will share with you what has been helping me in my own life, how I apply positive affirmations in my day to day life, and also my favorite videos about the power of the spoken word, I Am.

Now has my life magically changed in the last few weeks?

No, not really. Do I think it is possible for that to happen? Absolutely. My life has been pretty turbulent the last couple of weeks, my personal intimate relationships are still in upheaval. I still struggle with sticking up for myself at times, I still notice myself playing the victim when I get super low, but I notice I am no longer STUCK in those negative emotions. I am no longer letting those outdated tapes play in my mind on repeat. Words still sting, that hasn’t changed, but I no longer let the mean words and name calling define me. I am aware of my good qualities just as much as my negative ones. Now I openly choose to acknowledge and embrace my positive ones instead of focussing on the negative. I am using the power of positivie affirmations, mindsets, and attitudes to create my reality.

Think it, Say it, Write it, Repeat

It takes time, effort and commitment to make changes that last. And, affirmations are no different, they are something that should be done daily. ideally before or after meditation. They help to ingrain all the positive self-talk we are learning to do, they help to reinforce a positive frame of reference to draw from when life gets challenging. And they certainly help me feel better about myself when my depression or anxiety start to act up. I do not write anything down in my affirmations book if it does not meet these criteria.

1. It has to resonate with me.

When I say it has to resonate, I mean that when I say my affirmation it has to bring a sense of well being or excitement with it. This is not like saying some hail mary over and over again simply to get through a tedious ritual. This should be exciting.

2. It has to make me feel better and bring up good emotions.

If what I am saying to myself does not make me feel better or help me to think about good things, then why I am I constantly repeating it to myself.

3. It must be a positive statement said in the present tense.

Always think in the present moment when it comes to affirmations. Affirmations are far more effective when said in the present tense, and in a positive tone. This has to do with how the subconscious can understand and absorb information. You see, the subconscious has limited ability to translate language, it is rather rudimentary in how it processes information.

Cave man liguistics

The subconscious takes care of all the autonomous activities in the body so it has limited space for new information, especially if that new info is abstract. Being as busy as it is, and doing everything it does creates a system that is built purely for function. So big words and abstract concepts are not going to be helpful to it. This is a function of the brain that keeps us breathing, and helps our bodies pump blood. It doesn’t have a whole lot of room for conversations. It mainly processes by symbols, imagery, and feelings more than it does words.

No…That’s not what I meant!

The subconscious mind also doesn’t understand a negative statement, it is the proverbial toddler mind that just doesn’t get what the word NO means. This is why an affirmation should be worded positively for it to yield positive results. It is very literal with translation, which is why visualizing and feeling are so important. You have to speak in the language it understands, which is essentially pictures, positive feelings and general language like grunting while pointing at what you want. Be specific with those grunts though no negative ones.

Now if my affirmations meet all those criteria then I think it, say it and write it down and repeat it constantly. Over 21 days of consistent daily practice they will become ingrained, and my external world will start to reflect those new internal beliefs.

To be honest,

I totally tend to go overboard with my affirmations, once I get going I find it difficult to stop. The process of writing down my dreams, desires and desired life changes is very cathartic for me. It also helps put me in a receptive state of mind for the day which boosts my mood automatically. I am also very cautious about what I listen to daily, I very rarely watch TV, listen to the radio or watch advertisements. Also, I do not watch the news, and I do my best to limit the amount of negativity I allow into my life on day to day basis. That can be easier said than done some days.

At the end of the day, it is a constant realization that I am the master of my life, Or the captain of my physical and mental ship so to say. It is up to me entirely on where my vessel goes throughout the day and where I emotionally port my ship at night.

Please enjoy these videos, I have found them very helpful and hope that you will too!

You may enjoy this list Affirmations reference from Louise Hay https://www.louisehay.com/affirmations/

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