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The little things

The little things, all the little things and moments each day, those are the moments that can take our breath away.

The little things, they are what counts.

Those small moments during the day that comprise things like snuggling your baby, reading a good book, or taking a few moments to just be.

The little things, like that little baby who is quickly growing. She is now walking and toddling about the house. She falls and gets back up. Running and turning, she learns to enjoy each step.

Because each little step is one closer to her destination.

There is no failing in her falling.  Only lessons to be learned and perfected. The pure joy and excitement at each new encounter are all that fills her mind.

It’s all these little things each day that will create the best memories.

As adults how often do we take the time to appreciate the little things? How often do we sit back and just breath? We should be chasing our day like that little baby who chases each subsequent step. Each moment should be relished and appreciated. They should wash over us with all the fullness we can stand.

How much each moment is witnessed should be a priority in our lives, we should take the time to sit and just be with whatever emotions and feelings call to us, we should be in those moments fully.

Sit with ourselves and be present.

Maybe even get to know ourselves a little bit better.

I believe that true joy and appreciation can only come from taking the time each day to sit down for just a moment and enjoy all the little things that are going on. To take a breath and just relax for a moment.

To be thankful for all the little things we get to experience every day. To fully appreciate the people in our lives. To fully feel whatever that moment calls for. I know for myself I didn’t start to live in the moment until my last pregnancy when I realized this could very well be the last time I get to be pregnant, so I made sure to enjoy every moment, every ache and every stretch mark. it made all the difference in my recovery post delivery.

It has made all the difference in getting to connect and bond with my baby.

Taking the time to enjoy the little things has helped me to slow down and appreciate every change and growth spurt with her. It has taught me to slow down and enjoy my oldest kiddo and to get to know her and learn about her all over again.

Most importantly for my marriage, taking the time to notice the little things has taught me to appreciate my husband again. To appreciate all that he does for our family, the little things I can take for granted, especially when I’m feeling angry or resentful.

I believe that the truly great moments in our lives come from all these little things

These little things that often get overlooked and ignored throughout our busy and hectic lives, these little moments are really what turn into the big memories that will be with us in those final moments.

So I for one will continue to take the time to be with those little moments, and I will continue to find those little things that bring me joy every day. Because I have learned this last year, that happiness is an inside job, that I am the only person responsible for me and my life.

That if I want to experience joy, I need to be open to it first. And joy has a habit of hiding smack in the middle of all those little things we tend to overlook.

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